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Heated Ceramic Styling Shells


1. Q: What is the TOPSTYLER?

A: The TOPSTYLER is a brand new innovative hair styling tool that reinvents the way you create curl, wave, texture and body in your hair. You can create fun and innovative movement to the hair, explosive texture and even Hollywood red carpet looks. How is that possible? The secret is the patent pending design of the 100% solid ceramic lined shells we call C-Shells. When the C-Shells heat on the rapid heat Thermal Base, they create the perfect temperature to reshape and set the hair, safely. TOPSTYLER works on all hair types and most lengths, and is based on forming your hair section into a simple finger curl.

2. Q: How do the C-Shells work?

A: Unlike most round or flat heat styling tools that press the hair with a really high temperature, TOPSTYLER works with a gentle heat that cradles the hair evenly from root to end. The C-Shells work at the right temperature to reshape the hair in a short amount of time to lock in the style.

3. Q: Will the heat from the TOPSTYLER C-Shells damage my hair?

A: Curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers can burn and fry your hair. The TOPSTYLER has an innovative 100% solid ceramic shell system which requires much lower temperatures to set styles than most conventional hair tools. The C-Shells cradle your hair section infusing uniform low amounts of heat over the length of the hair shaft setting the style.

4. Q: How is the TOPSTYLER better than my curling iron or hot roller set?

A: Let us count the ways! FREEDOM! Less time in front of mirror; put the C-Shells in, walk away, let cool and set. Spend more time on whatever you choose. Buy yourself some time. FREEDOM to choose different styles; the roller or barrel will no longer dictate your fashion look. Choose a different style every day. FREEDOM to use a system that won't fry your hair. FREEDOM, VARIETY of STYLES, and HEALTHY HAIR.

5. Q: What is Style Memory and how does the TOPSTYLER provide it?

A: Style Memory refers to the ability of your hair to retain and hold a style over time. Hair with style memory will retain its shape longer, even after brushing and through a variety of environmental conditions. Style memory comes from the support of the basic structure of the hair component: keratin-coiled proteins and moisture-hydrogen bonds. When properly heated these 2 bonds can be used to shape the hair. The cuticle, which is the protective layer of the hair shaft, is never compromised from the gentle heat, so you have a strong, long lasting and shiny style. High heat from most tools shock the hair and never complete the setting process. That is why styles from most tools don't last very long and ultimately damage the hair.

6. Q: What products can I use/do you recommend?

A: Whatever you like! The TOPSTYLER can actually enhance many of the styling and conditioning products that you use because it provides a gentle, activating heat. You can use your normal shampoo and conditioner. A thermal spray or regular fixative spray can be used to set the style before the application of the C-Shells and after the C-Shells are removed to keep your style in place.

7. Q: What is the difference between 100% solid ceramic and ceramic coated/painted surfaces?

A: Our C-Shells contain 100% solid ceramic plates unlike the cheaper ceramic coatings or paint that you see on inexpensive hot irons. 100% solid ceramic conducts heat much more efficiently than coated metal or ceramic paint. This ensures that the C-Shells are able to retain heat longer to fully permeate the hair shaft and set the style. 100% solid ceramic may also help your hair to look shinier and less frizzy.

8. Q: How do I clean my TOPSTYLER and C-Shells?

A: The TOPSTYLER requires very little maintenance, but if it does get soiled or if styling product builds up on the C-Shells, simply wipe down the unplugged unit or C-Shells with a damp cloth. A light soap can be added if necessary. Please see the section "Cleaning and Care" in the TOPSTYLER User Manual.

9. Q: How do I get the curls/styles to last longer?

A: To get the best results with your TOPSTYLER, start off with clean, dry and detangled hair. To ensure your style is set leave the C-Shells in until they've completely cooled. For added hold, you can spritz each section before and/or after C-Shell removal with a professional quality finishing spray.

10. Q: I'm not getting the results I want. Where can I go for some help with using the TOPSTYLER?

A: Excellent question. Please refer to your TOPSTYLER Instructional DVD which came with the unit. Also, many online resources exist to help you achieve the look you want with the TOPSTYLER.

11. Q: Will the TOPSTYLER burn my fingers or face?

A: While the TOPSTYLER uses less heat than other hot hair tools, you should still be cautious when using. If a C-Shell is causing discomfort on your head or face, immediately remove it. When applying a C-Shell over the fingers onto a formed finger curl, you run little risk, but act quickly in removing your fingers to minimize risk of burn.

12. Q: How long do I leave the C-Shells in for?

A: It depends upon the style and your hair type. Anywhere from 5-20 minutes or until the C-shells are completely cool to the touch. In general, the longer you leave the C-shells in, the more "set" your style will be and the tighter the curl. If you have fine hair you can definitely use less time and if you have long, thick, or coarse hair you might want to use more time. The fun part is experimenting and finding what's exactly right for you.

13. Q: How long do the TOPSTYLER/C-Shells take to heat up?

A: From the time you power on the unit until C-Shells are ready to be placed on your finger curls is 6 minutes. When unit is fully heated, replacement cool C-Shells take only 4 1/2 minutes to fully heat.

14. Q: What happens if I put the C-Shells in my hair before they are fully heated?

A: If you apply the C-Shells before they are at full operating temperature, you may not get the results you desire. Wait until unit is fully heated (6 minutes for Thermal Base) until applying C-Shells to hair.

15. Q: Is there a difference between styles that I can get using my fingers vs. using the 4-in-1 EZ Wrap Styling Wand?

A: Some find wrapping a curl with the comb to be beneficial and some prefer to use fingers instead. The results are similar, but your hair may react differently to each technique and you may find that you can achieve different looks.

16. Q: When should I use the Large C-Shells, and when should I use the Regular ones?

A: The large C-Shells can be used anywhere for general styling. The regular C-Shells can be used for accent styling to frame your face or if you'd like to style small sections of hair. The regular C-Shells can also be used anywhere that you have fine hairs.

17. Q: Where can I get more C-Shells/Replacement C-Shells/ Accessories/Warranty?

A: All TOPSTYLER products and accessories are available online at www.topstyler.com/products.html.

18. Q: I don't have a credit card. How do I order my Topstyler?

A: If you do not have a credit card, or prefer to pay by check, please call 1-(800)369-8604 to order your TOPSTYLER.

19. Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: For specifics on the warranty, please see Warranty Information.

20. Q: Who invented the TOPSTYLER?

A: The TOPSTYLER is the brainchild of celebrity hair stylist Linda Flowers. Linda has been doing hair for movie sets for many years, and she realized she needed a way to get dynamic and dramatic styles in a short amount of time. Over the course of many years and after many revisions, she devised the product as it is today.

21. Q: I usually need a lot of heat to get results for my hair. Will the TOPSTYLER work for me?

A: The TOPSTYLER works on ALL hair types. If you generally need more heat to set your style, we recommend using smaller sections of hair, and also allow the C-Shells to completely cool before removal.

22. Q: How long does my hair have to be for the TOPSTYLER to work?

A: If you are able to wind your hair around your index finger once, then you can use the TOPSTYLER. Generally about 3 inches of hair is the minimum length needed.

23. Q: Can I use the TOPSTYLER with my hair extensions?

A: The TOPSTYLER can be used with natural human hair extensions. They will style just like your natural hair.

24. Q: What types of hair does the TOPSTYLER work on?

A: The TOPSTYLER works on all hair types: from thick and coarse to thin, fine hair. Everyone can get the results they desire with the TOPSTYLER.