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Heated Ceramic Styling Shells

From the makers of the InStyler Amazing Rotating Iron comes the newest innovation in hair, the TOPSTYLER! The TOPSTYLER reinvents hair styling allowing you to do sexy curls and add amazing volume and body.

A revolutionary new way to curl and style your hair!

The secret to the TOPSTYLER is in the breakthrough design of the patented ceramic tourmaline C-Shells which surround the hair and infuse gentle, even heat along the entire length of the hair. Creating amazing curls of any size from tight spirals to flowing, beachy waves has never been easier.

TopStyler Ceramic C-Shells

Volume and Curls that last 3 times longer than other comparable hair tools. Here's Why!

Unlike curling irons which release the hair while still hot, TOPSTYLER C-Shells hold the curl in place until the hair is completely cool-set. This allows the hydrogen bond inside the cuticle to fully set, firmly finishing the style. Curling irons use intense heat causing damage, breakage and split ends. TOPSTYLER's 100% Solid Ceramic Tourmaline C-Shells surround the entire curl transforming the curl without frying the hair. And since the hair is allowed to cool and set inside the chamber of the C-Shell, the style will hold in place much longer than the results from other comparable hair tools.

Beautiful results with NO DAMAGE to the hair.

Because the TOPSTYLER uses low heat that stays within the patented solid ceramic C-shell like a little warming cocoon. The hair transforms without the need for extreme and damaging heat and the result is lustrous, smooth, soft, silky hair. You'll achieve perfect natural curls, waves, and volume... and NO HEAT DAMAGE. It's a dream come true.

Check out these videos to see how it works:

How to use Ceramic Styling Shells
How to use Ceramic Styling Shells


Dean shows how easy the TOPSTYLER is to use! Wrap nice and loose, slide it off your fingers and clamp it with the 100% Ceramic "C" shells.

Basic Curl Technique
Basic Curl Technique


Learn the basic curl technique with the TOPSTYLER! Once you learn this basic technique, the possiblities are endless.



What is the TOPSTYLER? This innovative styling tool is unlike and ny hairstyling product you have used before. Check out some of the features and familiarize yourelf with this amazing new hairstyling tool.

Unit Features

  • Ceramic Heating Elements
  • Rapid Heat-Up
  • Heated Ceramic Styling Shells
  • Auto Safety Shut-Off
  • Storage Compartment
  • Zip-Up Travel Case
  • Heats to Optimal Heat for Maximum Results
Patented TopStyler Ceramic Technology


  • Other setters are plastic or aluminum with ceramic paint, the C-Shell is solid ceramic more efficient heat which results in longer lasting curls in less time.
  • Breakthrough styling tool creates curls that last 3X long than a curling iron without damaging the hair.
  • Unlike round curling irons and hot rollers, the TOPSTYLER utilizes a simple finger curl technique to create natural looking curls and waves that you can form into an amazing variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Fingers replace rollers, so no more multiple tools, formed curls or set sizes.
  • Hair burns at 250 F, most curling products are 380 to 440F. The TOPSTYLER is at 200F. You dont need to burn the hair to set the hair. The lower heat allows the curl to naturally set with style memory.
  • With curling irons you wrap from the ends where only the ends receive the heat. With the TOPSTYLER, you wrap at the base and infusing the hair with uniform gentle heat over the length of the hair setting the style.